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Empowering electronics manufacturers with innovative solutions and exceptional service. We are your trusted partner in optimizing processes, driving success, and navigating the ever-evolving landscape of electronics manufacturing.

One of the Most Reputable Handling Brands

Comprehensive Board Handling Systems

Eunil can provide customer with from a simple conveyor to large scale cutomized multi-function handlers.

World's Leading 3D CT Technology

EV Battery 3D CT Inspection

Super high-speed inline EV battery CT system for 4680 cylinderical, prismatic, pouch EV batteries.

The Best Cost Performance X-ray Systems

Industrial X-ray Systems for Various Production Environment

X-ray inspection systems for semiconductor, PCBA, Surface Mount Line, Heavy metal products, high energy x-ray.

Industry Leading Reflow System

High Performance Reflow Soldering System for Electronics Manufacturing

N2 reflow system, Dual conveyor N2 reflow system, Air reflow system


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